Differential Expression under STRESS

PATLib – Differential Expression Database

Molecular Work:

Table Characteristics of the Experiment of Library Construction In Potato (2 RUNs)
Samples GT/Treatment index i5 index i7 Reads
1 Soprano control SA502 ACTATCTG SA705 CGTACTCA 962682
2 Soprano drought SA502 ACTATCTG SA706 CTACGCAG 1225028
3 Soprano cold SA502 ACTATCTG SA707 GGAGACTA 1235267
4 Soprano hot SA502 ACTATCTG SA708 GTCGCTCG 640208
5 Kondor control SA502 ACTATCTG SA709 GTCGTAGT 1118145
6 Kondor drought SA502 ACTATCTG SA710 TAGCAGAC 1437434
7 Kondor cold SA502 ACTATCTG SA711 TCATAGAC 1057713
8 Kondor hot SA502 ACTATCTG SA712 TCGCTATA 799741
Total: 8,476,218
  • I5/I7 = Illumina Indexes



Fig. 2.1: Scheme for producing barcoded amplicons from restriction fragments (RF) in Library Construction