IBT-UNALM Phenotyping Data-potato and DOI Peru

Evaluation Results:   UNALM_eval



Geographical distribution of potato accessions selected for putative levels of Tolerance to Frost, under field evaluation 2016.

Huancavelica 43 3403 12°50’38.81″S  74°33’41.90″O
Huancayo 13 3260 12°00’50.00″S 75° 13’11.00″O
Cuzco 42 3357  13°34’17.82″S  71°51’59.70″O
Cajamarca 27 3970 7°10’2.74″S  78°11’17.48″O
Puno 60 3852 15°52’52.13″S  70° 0’1.14″O





Potato accessions selected for putative levels of Tolerance to Frost, under field evaluation 2016.
CODE REGION Name o f Variety Native /Clone Selected for other putative characters*
Pe-001 Huancavelica Camutillo Native
Pe-002 Huancavelica Puka Camutillo Native
Pe-003 Huancavelica Poqya Native
Pe-004 Huancavelica Pumapa maquin Native
Pe-005 Huancavelica Yana wenco Native
Pe-006 Huancavelica Ccanchillo Native
Pe-007 Huancavelica Ritipa sisan Native
Pe-008 Huancavelica Camotillo rojo Native
Pe-009 Huancavelica Camotillo amarillo Native
Pe-010 Huancavelica Huaña Native
Pe-011 Huancavelica Camotillo Native
Pe-012 Huancavelica Suyto camotillo Native
Pe-013 Huancavelica Yuraq mauna Native
Pe-014 Huancavelica S/N Native
Pe-015 Huancavelica Mashua papa Native
Pe-016 Huancavelica China siri Native
Pe-017 Huancavelica Yana shiri waña Native
Pe-018 Huancavelica Yana mauna Native
Pe-019 Huancavelica Callina shiri Native
Pe-020 Huancavelica Yuraq poqya-yuraq papa Native
Pe-021 Huancavelica Suytu poqya Native
Pe-022 Huancavelica Yana gaspar Native
Pe-023 Huancavelica Puka camotillo Native
Pe-024 Huancavelica Dosis Native
Pe-025 Huancavelica Guindo Gaspar Native
Pe-026 Huancavelica Yana waña Native
Pe-027 Huancavelica Waña Walas Native
Pe-028 Huancavelica Camotillo Native
Pe-029 Huancavelica Puka poqya Native
Pe-030 Huancavelica Suytu poqya II Native
Pe-031 Huancavelica Yana manua Native
Pe-032 Huancavelica Puka camotillo Native
Pe-033 Huancavelica China siri Native
Pe-034 Huancavelica Yana poqya Native
Pe-035 Huancavelica Puka camotillo Native
Pe-036 Huancavelica Suytu poqya Native
Pe-037 Huancavelica Durasnillo Native
Pe-038 Huancavelica Yana manua Native
Pe-039 Huancavelica Camotillo Native
Pe-040 Huancavelica Suytu Gaspar Native
Pe-041 Huancavelica Dosis Native
Pe-042 Huancavelica Poqya Native
Pe-043 Huancavelica Waña Native
Pe-044 Huancayo nn clone improved D, LB
Pe-045 Huancayo nn clone improved D, LB
Pe-046 Huancayo nn clone improved D, LB
Pe-047 Huancayo nn clone improved D, LB
Pe-048 Huancayo nn clone improved D, LB
Pe-049 Huancayo nn clone improved D, LB
Pe-050 Huancayo nn clone improved D, LB
Pe-051 Huancayo nn clone improved D, LB
Pe-052 Huancayo nn clone improved D, LB
Pe-053 Huancayo nn clone improved D, LB
Pe-054 Huancayo nn clone improved D, LB
Pe-055 Huancayo nn clone improved D
Pe-056 Huancayo nn clone improved D
Pe-057 Cuzco Puka muro ymilla Native
Pe-058 Cuzco Posi Bole Native
Pe-059 Cuzco Yuraq Pacocha senqa Native
Pe-060 Cuzco Yuraq kuchillo Ppaqui Native
Pe-061 Cuzco Puka malan Native
Pe-062 Cuzco Native
Pe-063 Cuzco Native
Pe-064 Cuzco Native
Pe-065 Cuzco Native
Pe-066 Cuzco Native
Pe-067 Cuzco Native
Pe-068 Cuzco Native
Pe-069 Cuzco Native
Pe-070 Cuzco Native
Pe-071 Cuzco Native
Pe-072 Cuzco Native
Pe-073 Cuzco Native
Pe-074 Cuzco Native
Pe-075 Cuzco Native
Pe-076 Cuzco Native
Pe-077 Cuzco Native
Pe-078 Cuzco Native
Pe-079 Cuzco Native
Pe-080 Cuzco Native
Pe-081 Cuzco Native
Pe-082 Cuzco Native
Pe-083 Cuzco Native
Pe-084 Cuzco Native
Pe-085 Cuzco Native
Pe-086 Cuzco Native
Pe-087 Cuzco Native
Pe-088 Cuzco Native
Pe-089 Cuzco Native
Pe-090 Cuzco Native
Pe-091 Cuzco Native
Pe-092 Cuzco Native
Pe-093 Cuzco Native
Pe-094 Cuzco Native
Pe-095 Cuzco Native
Pe-096 Cuzco Native
Pe-097 Cuzco Native
Pe-098 Cuzco Native
Pe-099 Cajamarca Aceituna Native
Pe-100 Cajamarca Santa Mará Native
Pe-101 Cajamarca Amarilis Native
Pe-102 Cajamarca Chiquibonita Native
Pe-103 Cajamarca Queta Native
Pe-104 Cajamarca Sapa Native
Pe-105 Cajamarca Frageada alianza Native
Pe-106 Cajamarca Chimbina Native
Pe-107 Cajamarca Revolución Native
Pe-108 Cajamarca Putis Native
Pe-109 Cajamarca Peruanita Native
Pe-110 Cajamarca Putis negra Native
Pe-111 Cajamarca Calcita Native
Pe-112 Cajamarca Huagalina Native
Pe-113 Cajamarca Limeña centro rojo Native
Pe-114 Cajamarca Shiba negra Native
Pe-115 Cajamarca Huamantanga Native
Pe-116 Cajamarca Bola rayada Native
Pe-117 Cajamarca Pura Native
Pe-118 Cajamarca Inti Native
Pe-119 Cajamarca Clavelilla roja Native
Pe-120 Cajamarca Negra centro amarillo Native
Pe-121 Cajamarca Putis blanca centro morado Native
Pe-122 Cajamarca S.N. Native
Pe-123 Cajamarca Morada Native
Pe-124 Cajamarca Colorada centro amarillo Native
Pe-125 Cajamarca Liberteña Native
Pe-126 Puno Alq’a Tarma Native
Pe-127 Puno Santa Rita Native
Pe-128 Puno Luntusa Native
Pe-129 Puno Waka Laqra Native
Pe-130 Puno Alq’a Pitiquiña Native
Pe-131 Puno Morado Native
Pe-132 Puno Wayro Native
Pe-133 Puno Piña Negra Native
Pe-134 Puno Imilla Negra Native
Pe-135 Puno Alq’a Imilla Native
Pe-136 Puno Gendarme Native
Pe-137 Puno Q’oyllo Native
Pe-138 Puno Puka Mari Native
Pe-139 Puno nn Native
Pe-140 Puno Q’oyllo Native
Pe-141 Puno Imilla Blanca Native
Pe-142 Puno Casa Blanca Native
Pe-143 Puno Tantalla Turqueza Native
Pe-144 Puno Tantalla Native
Pe-145 Puno Tantalla Blanca Native
Pe-146 Puno Khuchi Q’allu Native
Pe-147 Puno Lomo Jaspeado Native
Pe-148 Puno Ch’ikiña Blanca Native
Pe-149 Puno Q’ullo Q’auna Native
Pe-150 Puno Alq’a Wacra Laqra Native
Pe-151 Puno Santiaguito Native
Pe-152 Puno Pepino Native
Pe-153 Puno Sika Sika Native
Pe-154 Puno Piña Blanca Native
Pe-155 Puno Lomo Azul Native
Pe-156 Puno Yungay Native
Pe-157 Puno Parqo Morado Native
Pe-158 Puno Yurac Kauchalli Native
Pe-159 Puno Tajta Native
Pe-160 Puno Huila Saq’ampaya Native
Pe-161 Puno Sutamari Native
Pe-162 Puno Jacu Acupallata Native
Pe-163 Puno Tajta Rosada Native
Pe-164 Puno Kak’a Pata Native
Pe-165 Puno Pitiquilla Roja Native
Pe-166 Puno nn Native
Pe-167 Puno Canasta Native
Pe-168 Puno Juan Domingo Native
Pe-169 Puno Negro Pampina Native
Pe-170 Puno Cresta de Gallo Native
Pe-171 Puno Q’ello  Suita Native
Pe-172 Puno nn Native
Pe-173 Puno nn Native
Pe-174 Puno nn Native
Pe-175 Puno Muruq’o Native
Pe-176 Puno Morado Ch’ikilla Native
Pe-177 Puno Waka Ñuño Native
Pe-178 Puno nn Native
Pe-179 Puno nn Native
Pe-180 Puno Moroq’o Luk’i Native
Pe-181 Puno Ch’iara Imilla Native
Pe-182 Puno Sutamari Native
Pe-183 Puno W clone improved
Pe-184 Puno Piñaza juzepczukii Native
Pe-185 Puno Loka juzepczukii Native
  * D= Drought tolerance; LB= Late Blight resistance  






Field evaluation 2016
Huancavelica 43 3403 12°50’38.81″S  74°33’41.90″O
Huancayo 13 3260 12°00’50.00″S 75° 13’11.00″O
Cuzco 42 3357  13°34’17.82″S  71°51’59.70″O
Cajamarca 27 3970 7°10’2.74″S  78°11’17.48″O
Puno 60 3852 15°52’52.13″S  70° 0’1.14″O



Field evaluation 2017:
Junin: June 2017
Cuzco: September 2017
Puno: October 2017