Molecular Work  NEIKER:  Mol_NEIKER


ANNEX Molecular Work:  MOL_Annex


All NEIKER Results are displayed in EXCEL books or PDF files which can be displayed and downloaded

The following Structure is implemented:

Differential Expression under Stress: contains the results of Differential Expression analysis including an EXCEL book with all results.

Candidate Gene Detection: Presents a link to the Candidate Gene (CG) Database with information about the CG, amplicon and primers to be used.

Association Mapping and Model Building: contains the corresponding results in 4 EXCEL books (see below).

Allele Specific Primers: Contains all results of Allele Specific Primers as ZIP file.

More details about the contents can be found in the Link above (PDF): “MOL_NEIKER” and its annex with partial views of all mentioned EXCEL books and its worksheets


Association Mapping and Model Building Results:

Are organized in 4 EXCEL books with many worksheets each:

PATXF, PATRF, PATXS and PATRS (as described)


Each of these EXCEL books have identical structures of Worksheets

XXXsta: Worksheet with list of CG and its alleles (haplotypes).

CGlist: Worksheet with list of AMPLICONS and sequences

CG_AL: Worksheet with list of CG SNP (only relevant for PATXS and PATRS SNP projects)

CG_GT: Worksheet with genotypic presence/absence (1/2) values of each GT for each CG

Traits: Worksheet with trait values used for the analyses

AM-AL: Association Mapping results for Allele models

AM-ALs: Summary of AM results for all Traits

Model: Correlations and Regression between predicted and observed values

BV: Breeding values for each accession and trait (not sorted)

PP-AL: Performance Prediction Matrixes for any cross between two genotypes.

MRR-AL: Most efficient markers determined by multiple regression expressing large part of the variance

TOPCR-AL: Top Crosses for each trait as extracted from PP-AL matrixes


SNP Projects contain additional analogous Worksheets for Allele Combination (AC) Models: